Daily rates




Heinze Family Christian Home Daycare offers competitive rates for our quality programs.

Our rates include breakfast, lunch and snacks. 

We are a very health conscious family.  Allergies can easily be accomodated.  Wheat (not a gluten free kitchen), dairy, soy, etc.  100% Natural, organic (when available) and refined sugar free meals are available for an additional $5.00 per day.  These items are already served whenever possible, but are not guaranteed.  Let me know if your child can not have any sweetners due to Candida overgrowth, diabetes or personal preference.  Lower gylcemic sweetners typicly used in receipes in place of refined white table sugar are Xylitol, Stevia and raw honey.  I do not use Splenda or agave.  We also have filtered water via a Kangen Water Machine and via a reserve osmosis filtration system.




We do not offer half-day rates or discounts for multiple children in one family. 


A child is considered part-time if he or she is in care less then five days per week.  Licensed small home day cares are limited to six young children and two school age children during non-school times.  Only two of the six young children can be under the age of one.  Our license allows for three children under the age of two. 


Preschool aged child (3 and up):

$24.00 per day for full time (Mon.-Fri.)

$25.00 per day for part-time (various days)


Toddler aged child (18 months - age 3)

$25.00 per day for full time (Mon.-Fri.)

$30.00 per day for part-time (various days)


Infant aged child (birth - 18 months):

$30.00 per day for full-time (Mon.-Fri.)

$35.00 per day for part-time (various days)



Prices are subject to change without notice.



Our hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  Drop-offs before 7:00 am need to CALL ahead to let me know that you will be early.


Special provisions may be made for extended early/late care.  Please call.

Late pickups (after 6:00 pm) will be charged a fee of $5 and the extended hourly rate of $5 per hour will apply.  If you have a true emergency, fee exceptions may apply.  Please call.

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